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3 October 2021

Young People in a Pandemic (episode producer)

In the below episode, we hear from Sam, Nicole, Rory and Abigail – four young Australians – to understand how they are dealing with the unexpected trials of the COVID-19 pandemic, including insecure employment, unaffordable living costs and the mental strains of endless lockdowns.


17 June 2021

Making games about memory and longing

Few would think to transform a letter addressed to a friend who had passed away into a videogame. Cécile Richard did... Read more


30 March 2020

Video games have the power to improve your mental health during lockdown

Video games can't (yet) promise to alleviate any mental illness but they can certainly work as powerful mediators. Escapism, exploration, communication, and mental health representation ? we can find all these through the virtual realities of video games. All we have to do is press play... Read more


21 March 2019

Liberté Egalité Feminité: Finding a welcoming home in street art

The clever approach of Cécile and Julie: using street art as a creative gateway into a relatively uncharted landscape of French feminist culture. Julie told me that the goal of the tours is “to demystify that feminism is difficult to wear”. Her wording could not have been more suitable... Read more


6 March 2019

Station F: l’incubateur phare de la « startup nation » 

Avez-vous envie d'établir votre propre start-up ? Paris vous attend ! Read More


1 November 2017

Film is never innocent

Protest is not always a march or a demonstration. It is sometimes a song or a poem. In My Own Words is an Australian documentary... Read more

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