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'Best Of' series

To generate stories across News Corp mastheads for the Best Of series, I clean and collate data and create story templates. We've also been experimenting with interactive elements such as the accordion style exhibited in The Hornsby Advocate here.

The Best Of series is designed to lift up everyday people who help make lives a little bit better - from hairdressers to mechanics, cake decorators to PTs. You can find an example of a standard final article in the Frankston Standard Leader here

The Canberra Times

21 November 2021

Mistrust of women's reports of sexual violence still prevalent in Australia

As many as four in ten Australians mistrust women's reports of sexual violence, a recent report from Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety has revealed... Read more

The Canberra Times

15 November 2021 

Video games a lifeline during lockdown

The magic of video games is in their power to foster connections beyond the restraints of geographical borders, providing a lifeline for some Australians. And in Canberra, the industry is thriving... Read more

102.7FM RRR Radio

14 September 2021

21 September 2021

RRR City Journal Midday News

Your daily news updates, brought to you by RMIT Journalism students – all working remotely from home... Listen here for 14 Sept and here for 21 Sept

Docklands News

30 July 2021

Keeping Docklands maritime history in shipshape condition

Authenticity is a key priority of the Enterprize project so the ship relies on traditional supplies. The hemp rope comes from Holland, the sailcloth from France, and the Stockholm tar from Finland. The tallow (sheep’s fat) used for lubricating the rope is “not as easy to find as you might expect.”

“I phoned up Australian tallow suppliers and they asked – do you want five tonnes? We only needed a couple of kilograms, so I ended up getting it from a fish and chip supplier,” Mr Womack said... Read more

Southbank News

7 July 2021

Riverslide skate park on a roll

Both thanks to the Olympic spotlight and COVID, Riverslide has seen an increase in activity recently. Skateboarders have come both locally and from outer Melbourne to meet at the park.

“It’s a real melting pot,” Mr Harbottle said... Read more

Southbank News

7 July 2021

Street Tape Games at Queensbridge Square

Street Tape Games was the brainchild of Helen Kwok who wants to bring Melburnians together post-lockdown.

She took inspiration from the tape used in public spaces for social distancing and posed the question – “Rather than looking at those social distancing tapes with fear, could we be playful about it?”... Read more

The Swnaston Gazette

21 April 2021

NUS President calls out RMIT administration's insufficient action against sexual harassment

(Provided photography) "The RUSU protest Rangathan spoke at was held in opposition to RMIT’s decision to invite Minister for Education Alan Tudge on campus to talk about the future of international students in Australia... Read more


1 July 2020

Life not as you know if for Australia's international student community

What does change, observes Zhang Yi, is people’s behaviour when she coughs or sneezes in public. Because of her appearance, people’s body language immediately becomes alert. She says that she hasn’t experienced any verbal racism but knows friends who have... Read more


28 February 2020

Green new what?

A Green New Deal will address the economic realities of the transition to renewable energies. Politicians and climate activists have been talking for years about moving away from fossil fuels – but towards what future? Read more

Le Courrier Australien

11 December 2019

Marginalised kids find their voice through storytelling

Story Factory is a not-for profit creative writing centre which runs creative writing programs  to improve literacy skills. The organisation facilitates a safe space where marginalised kids – especially those who come from indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse and lower socio-economic backgrounds – can find their voice through storytelling... Read more

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