Political analysis


RMIT Data Journalism

8 November 2021

Autonomy across oceans

So regardless of which result the final referendum returns, an important question remains: How is it possible to find a concrete solution for the future of a country so deeply divided in two? ... Read more

City Journal

27 October 2021

Whose Caledonia?

One of Australia’s closest neighbours could be an independent nation by the end of this year. New Caledonia is due to hold its third and final referendum on 12 December 2021. But this vote has not come out of nowhere and, in fact, stems from more than 150 years of French colonisation... Watch the video

Young Australians in International Affairs

21 February 2021 

New Caledonia can act as Australia's wake-up call

Despite their different histories, languages and cultures, New Caledonia and Australia have much in common. New Caledonia is rarely deemed worthy of attention in Australia, but there are many things our government and businesses could learn from our Pacific neighbour... Read more


5 November 2020

Developing Horizons: What Animal Crossing New Horizons Reveals About Global Development

Echoing the World Bank, Tom Nook and his team openly advocate for the extraction of natural resources to generate income. The fossils you dig up can be either donated to the museum—curated by a stereotypically English owl; clearly modelled on the British Museum—or you can sell them. Both disposal methods are ethically dubious... Read more


4 August 2020

Reimagining the past to shape the future

Western scientists have recently declared that humanity may have been born out of stardust. “All Wiradjuri creation stories say we come from the stars. What if it’s just a different way of saying the same thing?” Bamblett suggests. He flips the narrative on its head: “One day maybe science will catch up with Aboriginal history"... Read more

Le Courrier Australien

31 October 2019

Patterns of Protest: from yellow vests to Chilean flags

In both cases, the increase in metro or fuel prices was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back. Out-of-touch leadership is the focus point of the protesters’ ire... Read more

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